Frequently Asked Questions

Here I will address some of the questions that I have been asked about regularly!

  • How can I return to my natural hair color?

    Bleaching is fun, however, for the sake of maintaining healthy hair, it is a good idea to allow your hair to return to its natural state. The only way to truly accomplish this is to just leave it alone. Even letting it sit for a few days between shampooing and washing can help your hair and if it's already damaged this can help to repair your hair. However what if you don't want to go back to your original color right away? Make an appointment with your colorist to discuss your options. There are several 'in between' options you can explore with your colorist before reaching your original tone.

  • What is the best way to keep my hair Smelling like I just finished showering?!

    Shampoos tend to fade away rather quickly. However, there are other ways you can leave your hair smelling great. Applying scented oils, hair sprays and body sprays are all options that you can consider. Keep in mind some lifestyle choices such as smoking or our work environment (such as working in a kitchen) can have an impact on how your hair smells. In such cases shampooing more often may be something for you to consider.

  • How can I give my hair that "shiny" look?

    Restoring your luster is possible with some excellent products. I recommend trying a conditioner that is made specifically to restore luster. You can also find an oil based product that is formulated to be applied to hair.

  • Any tips on increasing volume?

    There are many techniques you can use to give your hair extra volume. There is everything from shampoos to small attachments that you can insert underneath your hair. I personally like to recommend using a root-lifting shampoo. Not only does the lift give your hair a full look, it also helps your hair overall because it increases circulation to your hair.

  • How often should I use a deep conditioner?

    I recommend a deep condition as needed. Often due to our environment and because of different hair products such a sprays, our hair attracts dust and other gunk from the environment. This can leave our hair insulated. If your hair has lost its glow it may be time for a deep conditioning.

Common Questions
How can I get softer hair?
Brush your hair before you shower and comb it afterward. When showering, make sure that the temperature of the water is warm as hot water can actually damage hair. Always condition and if you can, let your hair air dry.
Do I need to deep condition?
Yes. Deep conditioning really is a necessity if you want to ensure the health of your hair. It is even more important when choosing to dye your hair.